Monday, September 20, 2010

Around the World in 80 Dishes

If you haven't figured it out by now, cooking is more than just a hobby for me.  I have used it to challenge my creativity, my skills and, oftentimes, my patience.  Those who have followed this blog have seen many of these challenges, whether through Iron Chef nights using rather unique ingredients (beef bone marrow anyone), or through creating new dishes based upon my rather vast experience eating in restaurants and reading recipes (bluefish in a lemongrass miso broth over handmade vermicelli). 

Now, I have decided to embark on a new expedition -- to travel the world in eighty dishes.  Over the course of the coming days, weeks and months, I will try to cook eighty dishes from eighty different countries.  The rule is one main dish for each country.  (When I can find recipes for side dishes or beverages, I will make them as well.)  My hope is to be able to create dishes from various countries, learning about the ingredients and processes used to make these meals.  Although these dishes will be far from perfect, I will still post the recipes so that you may join the adventure.

I will still make other dishes and post them to the blog. However, whenever I do a dish that is part of my new challenge, the title will begin "Around the World in 80 Dishes:" followed by the country.  

So, I hope you will join me for these adventures.  It will be a lot of fun.


Lauren said...

I am extremely excited for this endeavor.

paulwhit said...

I'd like to suggest Cevapcici from Bosnia. And invite me over! :-)

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