Friday, August 6, 2010

Green Peppercorn ... Tripel?

One of the most amazing things about the craft beer movement is the creativity of the brewmasters.  They don't limit themselves to the ingredients called for in the Reinheitsgebot (water, barley, hops and yeast).  And, more importantly, few ingredients are off limits.  Coffee, chestnuts, cardamom, saffron, and blueberries (just to name a few) have all found their way into different brews. The only limitation is the particular style of beer that the brewmaster intends to make.  After all, one would not expect coffee in a blond ale or blueberries in a stout. 

One such craft brewer, The Brewer's Art, has used green peppercorns to brew a smooth blond ale called, as one would expect, "Green Peppercorn Tripel."  Located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Brewer's Art is known for brewing Belgian-style beers.  One can go to its brewpub/restaurant and try one of the brewery's standards, such as the Ozzy, Resurrection and Proletary Ale.  The Brewer's Art also bottles its beer, relying upon a production facility in Pennsylvania. Yet, as with  many craft brewers, it is the special releases and seasonals that are truly noteworthy.

The Green Peppercorn Tripel pours with a very foamy head, which covers a golden ale.  Everything about this beer speaks of its namesake.  A sniff of the beer gives one a firm smell of cracked peppercorn.  Take a sip and the presence of the peppercorn is clearly up front.  All of the other tastes one would normally expect in a Belgian Tripel are far in the background.  It is definitely a beer worth trying for those who are as adventurous as the brewers.  

This beer is available at stores, like Whole Foods, for about $10.99 a bottle.


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