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I don't just cook. I also critique (sort of).  I say "sort of" because I don't review things for a living, or even as a hobby. It is not really how I want to spend my time.  I rather spend it trying to cook new dishes, explore new cuisines and research the underlying history of it all. I would much rather leave the writing of reviews to other people. 

Yet, as much as I don't like writing reviews, you can will find reviews on this blog. There are three types of reviews to be exact: restaurant reviews, beer reviews and wine reviews.

Before I describe each type of review, I need to explain one important fact. Almost all of the reviews that you will find on this blog are positive ones. As much as I don't like writing reviews, I really hate writing negative reviews. I believe in the old adage, "if you don't have something positive to say, don't say anything." Thus, if I didn't like a restaurant, I won't go back.  I don't need to say anything negative about it.  If I disliked a beer or wine, I just note that for myself and recycle the can or bottle. So, if you are looking for blistering, negative critiques, I suggest you look elsewhere.

As for everyone else who might have even the slightest interest in what I have to say, here are three types of reviews that you can find on this blog: 

RESTAURANT REVIEWS: I almost never write a restaurant review unless I have a culinary experience that leaves me at a loss of words. Hence, there are very few restaurant reviews on this blog. Those reviews that exist can be found  here.

BEER REVIEWS: I write (or type) beer reviews two specific purposes.  First, I want to remember those beers that truly stand out. The reviews serve as a record so that when I see that beer again in a store or on a menu, I know that I can buy it and enjoy it again.  Second, I am trying to improve my ability to pair beverages (whether beer or wine, see below), with the food that I cook.  So, I try to write down the characteristics of a beer, from its appearance to its aroma and its taste, hoping that I am able to develop my own awareness and senses that I can use when it comes to pairing with food. The beer reviews can be found here.

WINE REVIEWS: As with the beer reviews, I type wine reviews for two purposes.  First, I want to learn more about the wines themselves. I want to educate myself about the grape varietals (the more unusual, the better), the wine regions around the world, and the wine-making process. I also want to learn about how a grape, such as Chardonnay, could be different depending upon where it is grown and the process used by the vintner to produce the wine.  Second, I use these reviews to develop my senses so that I can better pair wines with the the dishes that I prepare for myself, family and friends. The wine reviews can be found here.

As with my cooking endeavors, I am an amateur reviewer, so you can take these reviews for what they are worth.  


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