Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dogfish Head My Antonia

I previously reviewed a beer produced by Dogfish Head called Bitches Brew, which was an imperial stout brewed with honey and gusto root.  Dogfish Head is well known in craft beer circles for its willingness to experiment with beer styles and revive traditional or historical styles.  However, almost all of Dogfish Had beers are ales.  It is very rare for Dogfish Head to brew a lager, like a pilsner.

Dogfish Head had some experience, albeit indirect with pilsners.  As I recounted in a review of the Golden Revolution Imperial Pilsner, Dogfish Head's owner, Sam Caliglione provided assistance to Pivovar Herold when it brewed that beer.

My Antonia represents Dogfish Head's own effort at an Imperial Pilsner. The beer pours with a frothy head and a golden, clean hue, which is the epitome of a pilsner.  The nose of the beer greets the drinker with a nice aroma of hops.  According to the bottle, Dogfish Head continually hops the beer with Noble and West Coast Hops  As for the taste, this beer tastes much more like a pilsner than the Golden Revolution.  Yet, the cleanness of a pilsner that one ordinarily expects is somewhat "clouded" by the ABV.  The taste of alcohol is very present and noticeable, even though the beer only has a 7.5% ABV.

This is a good beer.  It sells for about $10.99 and is available in stores like Whole Foods, if you can find it.


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