Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sokol Blosser Estate Cuvee Pinot Noir (2006)

Sokol Blosser is a vineyard located in the Dundee Hills area of Willamette Valley.  It is a "green" vineyard, being the first in the United States to get the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).  Sokol Blosser was one of about a dozen vineyards and wineries that Clare and I visited during our honeymoon.  The people at Sokol Blosser were very nice, and we got a behind-the-scenes tour of how Sokol Blosser wines are made, aged and bottled.  One of the more unique aspects to this vineyard's operations is the underground barrel cellar, which was built in accordance with standards of the U.S. Green Building Council.  The cellar is pictured below.

We left the vineyard with some of Sokol Blosser's wines, including the Estate Cuvee (2006).  The Estate Cuvee is a limited production wine, with only 425 cases having been produced by the vineyard.  The wine is made only from pinot noir grapes grown organically through sustainable farming from a single vineyard in the Dundee Hills AVA.  The wine is aged sixteen months in French oak barrels.

The Estate Cuvee is an outstanding Oregon Pinot Noir. It pours a deep ruby red, with a nose full of fruit.  When tasting the wine, one is greeted by tastes of dark berries, such as black berries and black cherries.  According to the winemaker, you can also taste caramel and mocha.  These flavors are possible because the Estate Cuvee is a very earthy wine for a pinot noir.  While pinot noirs are not necessarily known for being earthy (a description usually given to wines like Cabernet Sauvignons or Syrahs), when you are able to drink an earthy pinot noir, it is definitely a great experience.

Due to the limited production, it is very difficult to find this wine.  If you can find a bottle, it sells for about $32.99. 


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