Monday, February 28, 2011

Troegs Brewing Company Pale Ale

Two brothers -- Chris and John Trogner -- founded Troegs Brewing Company in 1997 and, for the past fifteen years, they have expanded its operations and the distribution of their beers to the point that they are fairly common around where I live.  I've had several of their beers, including some of their more hoppy offerings, such as Hopback Amber and Nugget Nectar.  But, recently, I realized that I never had Troegs Pale Ale. 

Almost every brewer produces a pale ale and, often times, the pale ale is just ordinary or forgettable.  By contrast, the Troegs Pale Ale is really, really good.  Troegs brews this beer in the style of  an American Pale Ale. According to the Beer Judge Certification Program, an American Pale Ale is usually a pale golden beer with a moderate to strong hop aroma.  An American Pale Ale also has an equally moderate to strong hop flavor, that highlights the citrusy quality of the hop and provides a lingering bitterness that hopheads, like myself, like in a beer. 

Troegs Pale Ale pours a pale gold or copper in color.  The aroma is full of hops, but it does not overwhelm the drinker.  The taste of the beer is also full hops.  Troegs uses Cascade hops to make this beer. Although the brewer uses crystal malts in the brewing process, there really is no malty flavor to this beer.  Instead, the beer is very hoppy through the finish.  Like most pale ales, there is a bitterness that can be tasted with every sip and the beer has a certain dryness to it.  However, those are the attributes that one expects with an American Pale Ale. Troegs Pale Ale has an ABV of 5.4%, which is within the range of most American Pale Ales. 

The Troegs Pale Ale is available in most beer stores, as well as  Rodman's and Corridor Wine.  It sells for about $8.99 or $9.99  for a six pack. 


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