Friday, September 30, 2011

Elysian Brewing Company Night Owl Pumpkin Ale

I was standing in front of the seasonal beer selection at a local store when I saw the Elysian Brewing Night Owl Pumpkin Ale.  The Elysian Brewing Company was founded in 1995 by three individuals: Dick Cantwell, Joe Bisacca, and David Buhler.  The brewery opened in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The brewery has expanded over the years, establishing its own brewpub called TangleTown.  The brewery also opened Elysian Fields, a large brewpub near Qwest Field and Safeco Field.  At these locations, Elysian Brewing Company serves a total of almost twenty of its own beers, including the Night Owl.   

Elysian Brewing brewed the Night Owl using over seven pounds of pumpkin per barrel.  The brewer provided more information on its website. More specifically, roasted and raw pumpkin seeds were added to the mash.  Pumpkin was also added to the mash, kettle and fermenter.  The brewer spiced the beer during conditioning with nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger and allspice.  In addition, the brewer used Pale, Crystal and Munich malts, along with Magnum hops in the brewing process. 

The Night Owl pours a dark orange/copper color, with a thin layer of foam that quickly recedes to the edges of the glass.  The aromatic elements of this beer include pumpkin, along with a darker cinnamon or sugar.  What sets the beer apart from others in this style is that, unlike other pumpkin ales that I have tried, the aromas of this beer feature pumpkin more than the spices.

The Night Owl has a lighter body than other pumpkin ales that I have tried.  The primary taste of this beer is also the pumpkin, with the nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and other spices complementing that flavor.  As the pumpkin and spices give way, the beer has a slightly dry finish.  

This beer has an ABV of 5.9% and an IBU of 18.  It is available at beer stores that have a large selection of craft beers, like Gilly's Craft Beer and Fine Wine in Rockville, Maryland.


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