Friday, October 21, 2011

Michael David Winery Earthquake Petite Sirah (2008)

Michael David Winery is a Californian winery that produces some very good wines, with names like the 7 Deadly Zins, 7 Heavenly Chards, and 6th Sense Syrah.  Michael David also produces a label of wines known as "Earthquake."  I have tried the Earthquake Zinfandel at a local restaurant.  And, when I saw the Earthquake Petite Sirah at a local wine store, I decided to buy a bottle and spend sometime learning more about the wine and winemaker. 

The magazine Wine Enthusiast dubbed this wine as the "Petite Sirah Quentin Tarantino."  In other words, "big, in your face, and ultimately a fine bold wine..."  This bold wine is 100% Petite Sirah, with an ABV of 15.5% and was bottled on July 28, 2010. With a review like that, I looked forward to trying this wine.

The Earthquake Petite Sirah pours a dark, cranberry red.  The deep redness extends across the entire glass, with only a small light ring at the very edges of the glass.  The aromatic elements of the wine are fruit forward, with raspberries and strawberries.  A little spice follows the fruit. 

The taste of the wine is very interesting, with a contrast of flavors.  The Earthquake Petite Sirah has flavors of both vanilla and chocolate, along with the standard berry flavors, such as blackberry and raspberry. 

The 2008 vintage of the Earthquake Petite Sirah scored a 92 rating from Wine Enthusiast, which is a pretty impressive showing.  This is especially the case given the wine sells for between $24.99 to $26.99 a bottle.  This wine is available at many wine stores.


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