Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bergström Winery's Dr. Bergström Riesling (2007)

The Riesling wine is said to have originated in Germany, in the Rhein and Mosel river valleys.   The Riesling is a white grape variety that is known for producing fruity and floral wines that can differ based on the terroir.  And there are a lot of terroirs.  Riesling grapes are planted around the world, not only in Germany but also in Austria, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, northern Italy, New Zealand, and the United States (including California, New York and the Pacific Northwest).

Riesling production in the Pacific Northwest is growing in Washington State, but on the decline in Oregon.  Still, there are vineyards and wineries in Oregon's Willamette valley that continue to produce this style of wine.  One of those vineyards is Bergström Wines. I've previously reviewed Bergström's Shea Valley Pinot Noir.  In addition to the Pinot Noir, Bergström also produces the Dr. Bergström Riesling.  When Clare and I visited the Bergström tasting room during our honeymoon, we purchased a bottle of the 2007 vintage.  

The Dr. Bergström Riesling is produced with grapes from four different vineyards: Hyland, Chehalem Mountain, Cherry Grove and the Territorial Vineyard.  The grapes from these vineyards enable Bergström to create a wine that, in its view, mirrors the Rieslings of Germany.  The wine is fermented for five months in stainless steel vats before being bottled.

The Dr. Bergström pours a color that is reminiscent of apple juice or white gold.  Little bubbles dot the sides of the glass, shining like stars through the wine. The wine has aromas of starfruit, kiwi and pears, along with a faint sense of apples and minerality.  As for the taste, the wine has the bright, crisp apple flavor that is one often finds with a Riesling.  Other fruits can be found in this wine, such as a hint of pear and melon.  There is also surprisingly a hint of lemon in this wine.  The wine has a high acidity and crispness to it, which makes it very enjoyable to drink. 

This vintage is probably not available now, but later vintages may be available.  We purchased this wine at the Bergström tasting room in Willamette Valley.


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