Thursday, November 10, 2011

J.V. Fleury Côtes du Rhône (2010)

The Côtes du Rhône is a fairly well known Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) along the Rhône River.  The AOC is divided into two sections  The first section is the Northern Rhône, which is also known as the Rhône septentrional.  There are eight appellations in the Northern Rhône, such as Condrieu and Château-Grillet, both of which produce white wines with the Viognier grape.  The other section is the Southern Rhône, which is referred to as Rhône méridional.  The Southern Rhône has sixteen appellations, including Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Vacqueyras AOC.

Most of the wines carry the Côtes du Rhône name, although wines may also carry the names of the AOCs within the Côtes du Rhône AOC, like Châteauneuf-du-Pape.  The Côtes du Rhône wines span the spectrum of red, white and rose wines.  The principal grapes of the Côtes du Rhône region are Grenache and Grenache Blanc.  However, vineyards cultivate a wide range of grapes from Bourboulenc to Viognier.  Like any AOC, the Côtes du Rhône AOC has certain rules that govern the cultivation of grapes and the production of wines.  When it comes to whites, the wine must have a minimum of 80% of the main grapes, such as Grenache Blanc, Viognier and/or Clairette Blanche.

Once again, I had a difficult time trying to find information about J.V. Fleury, because I could not locate any vineyard website or other website.  However, the label provided some information.  J.V. Fleury was established in 1781 in the northern part of the Rhône valley, making it one of the longest operating winery in the valley.  This Côtes du Rhône is made with 100% Vigonier grapes.

The J.V. Fleury Côtes du Rhône pours straw in color, somewhat reminiscent of apple juice.  The wine has aromas of apricot, grass and some flowers.  The body of the wine is light.  The taste of the wine is apricot, with some flowers in the finish.  That finish is somewhat dry.  The dryness mimics the astringency of the tannins of some red wines. 

Clare and I found this wine at Corridor Wine, a local wine store.  This wine is probably available at other wine stores and maybe some grocery stores. 


For more about the Côtes du Rhône  and Rhône wine , check out Wikipedia.

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