Friday, March 30, 2012

Bergström Winery Cumberland Reserve (2009)

When one talks of a "blend," it is often to describe a wine that is produced with two or more different grape varietals. A wine made with, for example, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes.  However, a blend can also be made with just one grape.  The "blend" comes from using grapes that are grown and cultivated from different vineyards.

One example of such a blend is Bergström Winery's Cumberland Reserve.  This wine is a "blend" of Pinot Noir grapes from at least four different vineyards in the Willamette Valley.  The vineyards from which Bergström gets the grapes for its blend include de Lancellotti, Bergström, Shea and Temperance Hill.  (I have previously reviewed Bergström's Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir, which was made with grapes from only that vineyard.)  The wine is aged for twelve months in oak barrels (17% of which is new French oak), which are one to five years old.

I looked for the notes to the 2009 vintage, but could only find the notes for the 2010 vintage.  Yet, those notes provide a good starting point for the 2009 vintage.  The winemaker describes the wine as having a vibrant and youthful ruby red color.  This is definitely true of the 2009 vintage. 

The winemaker describes the aromatic elements as having a "very expressive nose of dark chocolate, black cherry and dark raspberry fruits, sweet violet flowers and a toasty oak driven vanilla spice."  I could sense the black cherry and dark raspberry, along with a little oak or vanilla.  I had a harder time sensing the chocolate in the wine.  

Finally, the winemaker describes the flavors of the wine as "pure flavors of dark cherry and raspberry which echo on the richly textured palate and are framed in by pie spices, dried rose petal and earth flavors and nuances."  Once again, I could sense the fruits, but I had a little more difficulty sensing the pie spices or dried rose petals.  I did get the earthiness in the taste of the wine.

As with any Oregon Pinot Noir, it can be paired with a range of foods.  These wines are especially well paired with the iconic Oregonian flavors and ingredients, such as mushrooms and salmon.  

This wine is available at larger wine stores, such as Binny's in Chicago.  A bottle sells for about $42.00.


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