Friday, March 9, 2012

Sierra Nevada's Ovila Quadrupel

Nearly a year ago, I posted a review about Sierra Nevada's Ovila Dubbel.  The beer caught my attention because I had never seen a Dubbel from Sierra Nevada, let alone one that was made in collaboration with the Abbey of New Clairvaux.  

I did a little research and discovered the interesting background behind Sierra Nevada and the Abbey.  The brewer and the monks have worked to produce beers that have historically been brewed by monasteries for centuries.  A portion of proceeds from the sale of the Ovila Dubbel goes toward the restoration of the historic Santa Maria de Ovila chapter house on the grounds of the Abbey of New Clairvaux.  This medieval style building stood for eight centuries in Spain.  William Randolph Hearst purchased the building in 1931 and planned to use the stones for a castle at San Simeon.  Although Hearst never built his castle, the stones will be used to build a house at the New Clairvaux Abbey.

A "Quadrupel" is the name of the is the brand name of the beer produced by De Koningshoeven Brewery, a trappist brewery in the Netherlands.  It is also the name of a Belgian strong beer that is brewed to be stronger than a Tripel or Dubbel. 

The Ovila Quad pours a color that resembles Coca-Cola or decaffeinated coffee.  A light tan foam was formed, which quickly receded to the edges of the glass.  The aromatic elements of this beer are classic Belgian aromas ... yeast, a little fruit (think bananas), and Belgian candy. The flavors of Quad feature that banana, with cloves.  Other flavors include malts, caramel or molasses and a sense of alcohol that comes with high-alcohol beers.  (The Ovila has an ABV of 10.4%.) 

The fruit and malt flavors of this beer make it a good pairing with foods that have a little spice.  Those flavors, along with the warmth of the alcohol, help to tame the heat of the chiles.  I think that this beer pairs well with the Busca de Cuerdo.  This beer is also paired well with sweet desserts.  Of course, the Ovila Quad is also enjoyable on its own.

I found this beer at a local grocery store.  A 22-ounce bottle sells for about $11.99.  


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