Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kyklos Moschofilero (2011)

The author of the Odyssey and Illiad, Homer, once wrote described the region known today as Peloppenese as "Ampeloessa" or "full of vines."  This reference also meant that there were a lot of grapes and even more wine.  Although Homer described a land "full of vines," he did not mention the types of grapes that were growing in the region.  Homer's words, spoken and written thousands of years ago, still ring true today.  Peloppenese or Ampeloessa is still full of vines, including Moschofilero or Μοσχοφίλερο. 

Moschofilero is a white grape varietal, with a skin whose color is variously described as grey, pink or even purple.  The grape is a temperamental one, and, bad weather could easy affect a vintage.  If the conditions are right, Moschofilero grapes produce a crisp white wine, with floral aromas and a spicy tone on the palate.  Moschofilero wines often draw comparisons to Rieslings, Gewurtzraminers and Muscats, even though the grape bears no relationship to those varietals.  

I recently purchased a bottle of Kyklos Moschofilero.  The word "Kyklos" means circle, which, according to the label, is a reference to winemaker Yannis Voyatzis approach to cultivating the Moschofilero vines.  I tried to find out more information about how Voyatzis cultivates the vines; however, I was not very successful.

The wine pours a very light color.  The aroma of the wine had some floral elements, but the principal aroma was lemon and other citrus.  The wine typifies everything that I have read about Moschofilero ... a light, crisp wine that is full of citrus (lemons), melon and honeydew.

This wine could be paired with dishes much like a Spanish Albariño or a French Picpoul de Pinet.  In other words, this wine pairs best with lighter dishes, especially seafood dishes and salads.

I found this wine at a local grocery store. It sells for about $12.00 a bottle.  


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