Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard Pinot Grigio (2011)

I have become a big fan of Maryland's growing wine movement.  The mantra of these winemakers and vineyards is to make wines in the "Bordeaux-style."  That saying is a good goal when one is making red blends.  To be sure, Maryland winemakers are making some amazing red wines using a wide range of grapes.  However, "Bordeaux-style" does not capture the full range of wines being produced in the Free State.

Many winemakers, such as Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, are making some very good wines based on one grape.  A while back, I bought a bottle of Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard's Pinot Grigio.  Many professionals -- such as sommeliers, wine critics and others -- scoff at Pinot Grigio.  I even admit that, when it comes to white wines, Pinot Grigio (or, as it is known in France, Pinot Gris) would not be my first choice.  There is a caveat, which really applies to any wine.  When someone does it right, the wine is especially good.  And I think Sugarloaf got it right with their Pinot Grigio.

Like most winemakers, Sugarloaf ferments its Pinot Grigio in stainless steel.  The wine pours a pale yellow color with some very pale green hints.  The wine offers aromas of melon, grapefruit and honeysuckle.  It has a nice medium body, offering a little more substance than its much lighter counterparts. The flavors of the wine include green apple, citrus, and a slight hazelnut finish.  The apple and citrus blend together nicely, making this a wine that drinks very quickly if one is not too careful.  

There are a lot of food pairings that are recommended with this wine.  Pairings such as any seafood (shrimp, crab, lobster, and most fish), along with herb pastas, prosciutto, and focaccia.  This wine also makes a good aperitif, something to enjoy before the meal begins.

The winemakers recommend that the Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard Pinot Grigio should be enjoyed young.  That means you should enjoy it sooner rather than later, within one to two years.  The wine can be found at the vineyard's tasting room or at some stores in Maryland.  


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