Saturday, April 6, 2013

Papantonis Meden Agen Agiorgitiko (2010)

The history of Greece is full of ancient lore, so it comes as no surprise that there are myths about wine.  One of those legends explains the rich, dark and soft wines produced with the Αγιωργίτικο or Agiorgitiko grape.  The wines got their character because of the vines of the Agiorgitiko grapes were stained by the blood of the lion slayed by the Greek hero, Hercules.

The Agiorgitiko grape is grown throughout the region of the Nemea on the Pelopennese.  One of the vineyards that grows this grape is the Papantonis winery, which is located in the ancient city of Argos.   The vineyards themselves are located near the village of Maladreni, which is in the highlands of the Argolis province and is nestled in the Nemea region.  

The winery grows only two grapes and produces only two wines, one of which is the Meden Agan Agiorgitiko.  The name, Meden Agan, is derived from the Ancient Greek for "nothing in excess."

The Medan Agan pours a dark ruby red, which reviewers say is typical of an Agiorgitiko wine.  The wine has a nice aroma of ripe cherries and maybe even a little strawberry or blueberry.  There is a little hint of earth or spice, but not much.  The berry aromas carry over to the taste of the wine, which is full of cherries and some of those strawberries.  Although I may still be learning about wines and reviewing them, I thought that the taste of the Medan Agan Agiorgitiko was somewhat reminiscent of a Chianti or maybe a Beaujolais. 

One reviewer suggested that an excellent pairing for the Medan Agan is any red meat, as well as hearty stews or casseroles. In my opinion, the Medan Agan pairs very well with souvlaki.  I paired this Agiorgitiko wine with Souvlaki Hirino, which was a very good pairing.  The fruit flavors of the wine worked well with the grilled pork kebabs.

I found this wine at a local grocery store.  I don't recall the price of the wine, but it was definitely under $20 and most likely under $15.  


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