Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Skouras Anassa (2012)

It can be a little daunting when it comes to Greek wine.  For starters, There is some degree of intimidation in the names of the grapes. Agiorghitiko. Mavrodaphne. Tsaoussi.  Moschofilero.  Those names have often left my tongue tied.  When I was recently making Galopoúla me Dendrolivano for my beautiful Angel, I needed a Greek wine to use in the dish (and, of course, to pair with afterwards).  I perused the Greek wine at a local grocery store and found the Skouras Anassa, which is a blend of a familiar grape and a less familiar one.

Skouras started in 1986 in Pyrgela, Aros, and it has worked with both indigenous and international grape varietals.  The Anassa represents that combination of local and international, because it is a blend of 70% Moschofilero and 30% Viognier.  The emphasis on Moschofilero provides this wine with its Greek character, as that grape is well known for its floral aromas and spicy tones, while the Viognier contributes some fruit, such as pears and peaches, as well as minerality to the taste of the wine.

When it comes to Anassa, it pours a very light, pale color.  The wine is described as being a medium bodied white wine with  aromas of ripe apricot, citrus and orange peel, finishing with a clean, crisp finish.  As for myself, I could sense the citrus and even some apple in the aroma.  Those apples carry over to the taste of the wine, which also included bright lemons and some slate.  The citrus somewhat mellowed as the wine warmed up, leaving the minerality (that is, the slate) to shine through as the finish brings a tart bite on the tongue.  

When it comes to pairings, this wine works very well with poultry, such as the Galopoúla me Dendrolivano (Rosemary Turkey) or Katapoulo me Dendrolivano (Rosemary Chicken).  I think that it would also work well with a variety of seafood dishes, which are plentiful in Greek cuisine.  

I found this wine at a local grocery store.  It sells for about $10.99 a bottle.


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