Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Bodhi

So what does it take to become a "cult beer"? That is, a beer with a following that is so passionate that they will do just about anything -- drive distances, stand in line, pay extra -- just to have a pint or buy a bottle of a beer?  I began thinking about this issue after trying a bottle of Columbus Brewing Company's Bodhi Double IPA.  My dad described this beer as a cult beer.  So, what does it take to achieve that status?

I did some searching, but I was unable to find anything that would set forth criteria for what constitutes a cult beer.  Instead, most articles simply tell you which beers are "cult beers."  And, I found an article that describes the Bodhi as having achieved "cult" status.  Marc Bona, a writer with, described the Bodhi as having a "strong, fresh citrus aroma that hits you immediately [that] is followed quickly by wonderful tropical flavors, and, then, seconds later on each sip, a big hop smack."  That's some description, and, it provides a little insight into what it takes become a cult beer.

Simply put, it is the beer itself.  The Bodhi pours a golden color, which one would expect with a double India Pale Ale.  Depending upon the light, there was an orange hue that shined through.  As I stared at the beer, the thin foam gracing the surface of the beer began to recede.

As that foam retreated to the edges of the glass, the aromatic elements of the hops began to shine through.  Notes of citrus fruit, with a little pine greet the nose, but are balanced by the softer tones of the malts.  The taste of the Bodhi, at least for me, began with the pine, with grass, floral and herb tones.  However, with each sip, the flavor transitioned to citrus fruit, such as grapefruit, and tangerines.  The bitter finish lingers on the tongue and the back of the mouth long after the beer is gone.  Perhaps that is the "big hop smack."

The Bodhi is definitely a great example of a double IPA (or, as it is also known, an Imperial IPA). It follows the style well, pushing the envelope in getting big hop aromas and flavors.  While I can't say that the Bodhi is a "cult beer," I can say that if I saw it on tap or in bottle, I'd have another one.


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