Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Privé Vineyard Le Sud (2013)

It has always been the retirement dream of my beautiful Angel and myself: to retire to a beautiful region, which happens to be a great wine-growing region where we own a small but successful vineyard and winery.   My Angel, Clare, would learn the art of winemaking, while I would help in the fields and have a small kitchen where I could cook meals for friends and guests that could be paired with the wines.

This retirement dream came to us during our visit to Privé Vineyards.  Privé is a very small vineyard, with less than 3 acres of vines.  The vines are located in "Le Nord" and "Le Sud," which are basically the front yard and back yard.  Despite that small size, Privé has produced some of the best wines generally and Pinot Noir wines in particular that Clare and I have tried.  

To date, I have reviewed five of those wines, including three vintages of the Le Nord, the wine Privé produces from the grapes grown on the acre that bears that name.  It has almost been five years since I reviewed a vintage of the Le Sud, the wine produced from the grapes grown on the other acre at the vineyard.   Recently, we opened a bottle from the 2013 vintage.  As we took in the aroma and taste of the wine, we were not only reminded of our retirement dream, but of how great Privé wines can be.

The grapes for the Le Sud are grown on vines facing the southwest and at an elevation of 400 feet.  After harvesting, the wine is aged for 12 months in 100% new French Oak barrels.  

The Le Sud pours with a garnet tones shining in the light.  Those tones give way to slight fruit-based variations, such as blackberry or plumb colors.  After the wine is poured into a glass, the aromas of black cherries and ripe raspberries greet the nose.  There is a little earthiness and some slight graphite in the aroma.  (One of the things that I love about Oregonian wines, including Privé wines, is the earthiness they bring to the Pinot Noir wines).  

As for the taste, the winemaker suggests that there are black cherries, cloves and violents.  For me, each sip of the wine gives rise to a bowl of black cherries, with some raspberries on the side and finished with a hint of vanilla. 

What is really interesting is a comparison between the 2013 Le Nord and the 2013 Le Sud.  While both wines share many of the same olefactory and taste elements, the Le Sud had a slight edge in terms of the body.  The body of the Le Sud was just a little fuller than the Le Nord.  Nevertheless, both wines are great wines.  Until next time ...


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