Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Drizzy

When I saw the beer on the board, I was skeptical. A Cinnamon Bun Imperial Stout. I am a big fan of Imperial Stouts, but I am also traditionalist. I like the Russian Imperial Stout. I am open to barrel aged Russian Imperial Stouts.  That's about it. I have never been a big fan of flavored stouts.  

But, a Cinnamon Bun Imperial Stout? That is what confronted me during a recent visit to Black Flag Brewery.  My beautiful Angel and I took my parents there because my dad loves trying new craft beer and he had never been to Black Flag before.  By contrast, I have been there a few times and tried all of their standard beers, such as the Mambo Sauce Double IPA.  While my dad tried a flight to sample the different beers, I wanted to try something new.  That is when I was introduced to the Cinnamon Bun Imperial Stout.  A beer that changed my views about the introduction of different flavors into a traditional style. In fact, I liked the beer so much that I bought a four pack and brought it home.

The reason why I liked the beer so much is that the beer actually combines the best elements of a Russian Imperial Stout with cinnamon buns.  The Drizzy pours a very dark black, with an off-white, cream colored foam.  The aromatic elements feature the roasted malts, but those malts are coated with a lingering cinnamon, molasses and sugar weaved into the traditional aromas of a stout.  As for the taste, the cinnamon, sugar and slight vanilla tones are so well together, against that malt background, so as to actually give someone the impression that there is a cinnamon bun in the beer.  That is quite a feat.  

The Drizzy is -- or was -- a seasonal beer at Black Flag Brewing and it is long gone.  Hopefully, the brewers will bring it back again.  Only time will tell.  Until then,


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