Monday, March 28, 2011

Great Lakes Brewing Company The Doppelrock

Great Lakes Brewing Company produces a wide variety of seasonal beers, like the Lake Erie Monster and the Christmas Ale.  Recently, they expanded that lineup by adding the Doppelrock, bringing the favors of Germany to the drinking masses in a beer aptly named for the Home of Rock and Roll. 

The doppelbock -- which literally means "double bock" was reportedly brewed first by the monks of St. Francis of Paula.  The monks were aiming to a lager version of the strong ale, which the monks brewed for the Lenten season.  According to the rules of their order, the monks were required to fast for periods during the Lenten season, which meant that they were not permitted to eat solid foods.  So, rather than make regular bread, the monks used the grains to make "liquid bread."

The Doppelrock pours brown, with a reddish tinge depending upon the light.  The aromas of the beer are very roasty, evoking the chocolate malts used in the brewing process.  The roasted flavors turn to more toasted flavors in the taste of the beer.  As with any bock, the malt flavors of the beer clearly predominate.  After all, in addition to the chocolate malts, the brewer also uses Harrington two-row base malts, Munich and Cara Pils malts.  As for hops, the brewer uses Hallertau hops, which are the American version of the German noble hops.  At 7.8%, the brewer got the ABV right on the mark for a doppelbock, but you would never know that while you are drinking the beer.

Great Lakes Brewing Company suggests that this beer could be paired with pot roast, hearty beef stews and earthy cheeses.

I found this beer at Whole Foods, where it sells for about $8.99 for a four pack.  It should also be available at most beer stores that sell Great Lakes beers. 


For more information about doppelbocks, check out the German Beer Institute.  For more about the beer itself, check out the brewer's website.

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