Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gordon Biersch Maibock

Gordon Biersch is a brewpub with restaurants across the United States.  The brewers of Gordon Biersch focus their efforts on German beer styles, including the Marzen, Hefeweizen and a range of bock beers.  I have previously reviewed Gordon Biersch's Fest Bier, which they brew for Oktoberfest.   Recently, I purchased a growler of their Maibock to use in cooking and, of course, for drinking.

The maibock style represents an effort at balance by German brewers.  For years, brewers like Spaten produced a Helles beer, which is a very light beer.  Other brewers produced bock and doppelbock beers, which are heavier beers with higher alcohol contents.  The maibock was an attempt to brew a Helles beer with the body and substance of a bock beer.  And, in the case of Gordon Biersch, it did a good job at achieving that balance.  

The Maibock pours an amber color, with shades of copper and/or orange.  The aromatic elements of this beer are subtle, with scents of malts and sugars present in the aroma.  The sweetness of the beer's aroma follows through with the taste.  The sweet, malty taste of the beer is a little deceiving, causing the drinker to forget that this beer has an ABV of 7.3%.  Although the brewer uses Hallertau hops, those hops are used only for aroma and are very subtle.  The aroma and taste of hops definitely play a supporting role to the roasted caramel malts.

I used this beer to prepare the Maibock Braised Beef Stew and I also paired the beer with the dish.  This beer works very well with these type of stews, as well as any other meat dish.  It is, after all, a German beer!

Gordon Biersch's Maibock is available at all of Gordon Biersch's restaurants and in bottles at some stores.


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