Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elysian Brewing Company Bête Blanche Tripel

Bête Blanche ... or "White Animal" ... is often the name that seemingly should be given to some mythical creature.  Or perhaps an albino animal.  Elysian Brewing Company gave that name to its Belgian Tripel.  The Washington-State craft brewer produces this beer as its spring seasonal, giving the impression of a beer used to awaken a beast long lulled into slumber by the winter ales and strong ales that are so prevalent during the cold, winter months. 

I have previously reviewed another one of Elysian Brewing's seasonal beers, its Night Owl Pumpkin Ale.  While perusing the craft beer selection at a local store with my dad, we decided to buy a bottle of the Bête Blanche to give it a try.  Given we both like Belgian tripel beers, and have tried many a tripel, we had some high expectations for this beer. 

Elysian Brewering Company uses pale malts, along with German Northern Brewer hops for bittering and Styrgian hops for aroma.  As with any tripel, the brewer uses Belgian candy sugar in the boil and Belgian ale yeast.

The Bête Blanche pours a hazy, cloudy yellowish-gold color, clearly what one expects with a tripel.  The aromatic elements include a little banana, candy sugar, and a hint of sweetness on the nose.  There is some spice, like coriander, also in the aroma.  As for taste, this beer follows the traditional Belgian tripel mold ... banana and clove. The finish is a bit dry, with a bitterness from the hops and a little pepper.

The ABV for the Bête Blanche is 7.5% and the IBU is 41.  As a seasonal, this beer is available only in the spring.  The beer is available at beer stores with large craft beer selections.  


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