Monday, June 3, 2013

An Eschatological Ale

Somewhere, there is a department that deals with four things ... death, judgment, heaven and hell.  If it were a department of a university, it might have had a list of professors, thinkers or writers that include Saint Augustine, who first conceived of the City of God; Ibn al-Nafis, an Arab physician who first described the pulmonary circulation of blood; Albert Camus, who wrote The Stranger, and José Guilherme Merquior, a Brazilian academic who wrote about the history of ideas.  All of these very different individuals dealt with eschatology -- those four things -- at some point in their works.

But what if eschatology was not a matter of thought, but of substance.  A substance like a liquid.  A liquid such as a beer.  An Eschalological Ale.  That is the idea of the brewer behind Stillwater Artisinal Ales.  A brewer without a brewery, Stillwater travels to other brewers, borrows their equipment (presumably for a fee) and brews its own beers.

The Eschatological Ale pours a golden in color, as if it is a saison or Belgian pale. The most suprising aspect of this beer comes right out of the bottle ... a large amount of foam.  Indeed, it took quite a while to be able to pour the glass as shown above.  The foam eventually recedes, leaving big puffy clouds on the surface of the beer.  Clouds that resemble some of the large puffy clouds in the sky as this post is being written.

As for the aroma and taste, the Eschatological Ale presents some of the best features of a Belgian beer.  The aromatics, for example, exhibit yeast, some sweet malts and a little, light citrus wrapped in a light biscut-like aroma.  The taste also reflects these aromatics, along with a slight sweetness and a little spice from something like white pepper.  There is a citrus flavor that somewhat resembles grapefruit.  Other fruit are also present, like peaches, grapes and applies.  There is the alcohol from the 9.0% ABV hides in the background, but it slowly becomes more noticealbe with each sip.

Overall, this beer is very good.  I found it at a local grocery store for about $11.99 for a twenty-two ounce bottle.


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